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BOS 370 Equipment

At Absolute Caravan Care we realise that safety is very important, and one of those areas of safety concern are

Jockey Wheels, Caravan Jacking Equipment, Stabiliser Legs, and Caravan Moving Equipment.

BOS370 has the answer to these safety concerns, here is some information regarding the product and how it all started


Developed in Australia in Feb 2013 after a conversation with a caravan owner who was distraught with his standard jockey unit supplied with the caravan In the words of this customer “the unit was not long enough and was in a location that enabled the possibility of crushing your knuckles on the gas bottles”.

And so the questions we at BOS Jockey raised to him were; What about an electrical jockey unit that is battery operated? and how do you make a battery-operated jockey unit? With a drill – everyone has a drill, but you need a long-lasting battery with a one-to-one ratio. And so the idea for gearbox design on top of a jockey unit was born.

Once designed and tested, we filed for a patent which was granted in December 2013, Having done a couple of shows in that year the response and reception was unbelievable.

It was here we started to understand the problem people where having with the standard units.

With the gearbox design, we found out that people were able to wind their vans up with just a handle and with no effort or strain which in our field research had mass appeal the elderly and the grey nomad movement, all because of the gear reduction.



3 Rib Long Jockey Unit Kit


2 Rib Long Jockey Unit Kit


BOS Black-Ops™

Stabiliser Leg

Caravan Movers


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