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Lithium LiFePO4 batteries are very different from traditional batteries in a number of ways.

  1. Weight, there is an unbelievable difference in weight for the same capacity rating.

  2. Drawdown capacity, although the batteries may have the same a/Hr rating there is a higher usable capacity from lithium.

  3. The number of charge cycles dictates the battery's actual life span.

  4. The ability to charge and discharge at a much higher rate of current.

  5. They can be left for a much longer timeframe without self-discharging and have built-in protection to stop them from going completely flat.

  6. They require no maintenance.

Compared to lead-acid and other lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries offer significant

advantages, including improved discharge and charge efficiency, longer life span,

and the ability to deep cycle while maintaining power.

Li-ion battery technology has very many distinct advantages. Accordingly, the technology is widely used 

and this is only set to increase.

Understanding the advantages as well as the disadvantages or limitations enables the

best use to be made of battery technology.

LiFePO4 batteries often come with a higher price tag, but a much better cost over the life of the product.

No maintenance and super long life make them a worthwhile investment and a smart long-term solution.



With the increase of popularity, there is like always companies out there that take the opportunity in

customer possible lack of product knowledge and a play on the customer wallet.

With this, we've listed some things to watch out for:

  1. There is no such thing as a lithium battery that is so cheap it's too good to be true if it comes across that way then something is either missing or it's not what it's made out to be.

  2. A 120amp hour lithium battery with the correct internal BMS (Battery Management System) should have an industry-accepted weight of 15-16kg, if the batteries weigh less than this then they are missing something, which is generally the battery capacity meaning they have been overrated in the amp hours to make it more appealing for purchase with a cheap price.

  3.  You cannot just remove your old battery and replace it with a lithium battery without having to replace all the charging equipment, well you can if you only want to throw the battery away in 3 or 4 years, all lithium batteries need to be charged with the correct programmed equipment otherwise you are only charging the battery to 60 or 70% of its capacity and it will be a doorstop in only a few years.

  4. There are very few lithium battery brands that can be paralleled together to operate in large discharge capacities situations, like running inverters at full potential. Most of these batteries have very small BMS (Battery Management System) built into them and they will shut one battery at a time until you have no power supply left or they have been dangerously allowed to run huge uncontrolled discharge rates that can cause batteries to overheat and potentially become fire hazards.

  5. Straight out all Lithium Batteries sold in Australia be marked that they meet UL1642 at cell level and IEC 62619:2017 at the complete battery level certification (lithium battery safety testing for household, industrial and commercial batteries) If they do not then keep away from them as it is a buyer beware market.




Zeal Lithium battery provides the core performance and safety advantages of a modern lithium battery in a sturdy design. The battery features lightweight aluminium encased LiFePO4 prismatic cells, considered to be the most stable lithium cells available on the market.

The Invicta Lithium 12V range has been specifically designed for the replacement of similar size lead-acid batteries. The family is comprised of the popular sizes found in the lead-acid range but with the added benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology and is ideally suited to deep cycle longer run time applications

For powerful appliances and maximum energy storage. Upgrade your battery setup to the next level! Whether you’re heading out in your caravan, RV or fully-kitted 4WD, these 200Ah batteries provide energy storage to the max! If you rely on 240 volt appliances that need a higher current, this battery can handle a larger inverter so you can keep your essentials running


B-TEC LiFeP04 12v G2 Lithium Battery is available in 12v 100Ah, 125Ah, 200Ah and 300Ah capacities and 24v 150Ah & 36v 100Ah,

the ePOWER B-TEC lithium battery is designed and intended for use in deep cycle applications where a single battery

is required that meets the amp-hour capacity.

The Enerdrive B-TEC G2 battery incorporates wireless Battery Monitoring Technology. By downloading the Android™ or

Apple® app to your smartphone or tablet device, you can monitor the following information;

- Battery Capacity - Battery Voltage - Battery Current (Amps) -

Battery State of Charge (SOC) - Battery State of Health (SOH) -

- Battery Status - Individual Cell Voltage - Battery Temperature -

- Battery Cycles - Battery Alarms - Battery Event Information -

The battery is also equipped with an internal Battery Management System that can monitor and optimise each Prismatic cell within the battery during normal operation. It will protect the battery pack from overcharge, over-discharge, over temperature & short circuits.

The BMS helps to ensure the safe and accurate operation of the battery.


100Ah eLITE Lithium Battery

The new Enerdrive  12v 100Ah eLITE Lithium Battery has been designed as an “entry level” lithium battery for the customer who wants to get into the lithium market without having to spend big. This unit is a stripped back version of the ever popular 100Ah B-TEC Lithium battery but, without all the bells and whistles.

Wireless Battery Monitoring Technology, not in this little beauty. To save costs, we decided to remove the monitoring option from the eLITE. Does this reduce the quality of the battery?, certainly not. Its all about offering a high quality battery at an entry level price.

Battery Management System

The battery is also equipped with an internal Battery Management System that can monitor and optimise each Prismatic cell within the battery during normal operation. It will protect the battery pack from over charge, over discharge, over temperature & short circuit. The BMS helps to ensure safe and accurate operation of the battery.

Size & Weight Savings

Heading 1



In every lithium battery upgrade, you'll be required to change your charging equipment to suit

the batteries particular charging algorithms.


It is imperative for the battery's lifespan and safety reasons that you abide by the batteries

manufacturers guidelines for charging, using the battery manufacturers identified and prefered 

charging equipment this way you'll get the most out of your investment and

not risk destroying the battery or voiding the terms of the warranty.


All these charging units are either suitable for single charging device replacement as in 240volt charger and 12volt Solar DCtoDC charger or they are complete system upgrade and distrubution like your Jayco, Crusader, New Age and Retreat uses


Going from a standard battery case style battery to a premium and professional level battery and charging system.

A much more in-depth system requires a whole lot more charging and control equipment, this is a 600a/Hr system with a 3000watt inverter/charger. The batteries use an external BMS and this allows for much heavier control with extraordinary charging and discharging capacities excessive of 400amp in continuous use.



We only deal with a few brands of Lithium Battery Manufacturers as companies have developed their batteries

using strict guidelines, these meet UL1642 at the cell level and IEC 62619:2017 at the complete battery level certification

(lithium battery safety testing for household, industrial and commercial batteries)

 - Enerdrive Australia -

- BMPro -

- Redarc Electronics Australia -

For Battery Charging equipment again we restrict ourselves to a few Manufacturers for the same reasons as the batteries themselves, these chargers have been developed using strict charging guidelines.

- Enerdrive Australia -

- BMPro -

- Redarc Electronics Australia -

- Victron -

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