There are many types of solar panels available on the Australian market, unfortunately,

most are sold by companies that have no understanding of what they are actually selling and 

they have no hesitation in selling the cheapest "D" grade panels to the unsuspecting public customer making out that they are doing you a super cheap deal of a lifetime.

Solar is a case of you truly get what you pay for, cheap panels mean cheap performance, this

is something we truly understand, performance requirers quality components,

not cheap and easy to sell underperforming components, this is what

you get from the TV guide, cheap internet sites or your cheap caravan show specials. 

We have over 3000 solar systems under our belts that we have either built or rectified

for customers and all these customers are more than happy with the system

and ultimately the performance they provide.

Solar need to be designed to the customer's requirements,

not handed out over the counter like a packet of potato chips.

We sit down to listen to what you require then build a system within your

specifications and budget if need be.

We sell and use several types of solar panels, our "A" Grade Certified ENERDRIVE

DOMETIC and REDARC panels which are some of Australia's best performing 

RV, Camper trailer or Motorhome rooftop panels on the market today.
Enerdrive panels come in - 10, 20, 40, 55, 80, 120, 150, 180 and 200watt.
Redarc panels come in - 50watt, 80watt, 120watt and 150watt.
Dometic panels come in - 150watt.

Campers or Portable panels:
Enerdrive comes in -120watt and 160watt.

Redarc comes in - 120watt and 160watt.
Dometic comes in - 120watt and 180watt.


Solar blankets for quick and light area coverage.

Redarc with 115watt, 150watt and 190watt kits.  

For reference,

This solar panel below was sold in the Perth some 10 years ago as a refined "A" grade BP solar panel, it

has now become apparent these are not an "A" grade product as "A" grade have a 25year lifespan.

We've removed many of these sub-standard burnt out and failed panels off of caravan which was sold herein

Perth by some of the local companies and the customer was paying huge dollars for them as they wore a name.

These were not actual BP panels, these came out of China wearing a BP logo, they were made for the Australian

 market by a particular company here in Perth, this company still exists in Perth but trades under another 

name now, but they still supply cheap imported batteries, solar, inverters, generators and satellite 

product to the Perth and Australian market.

This is a prime example of a cheap product being sold, these cheap panels have an average lifespan of 5-8 years before failing from sunburn and they don't produce anywhere close to their claimed output current from new.

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